Nosy Be

Nosy Be – The Most Amazing Madagascan Holiday Destination. The island has everything to offer the adventurous traveller.  Nosy Be means “big island” in the Malagasy language.

The island was called Assada during the early colonial era of the seventeenth century. Nosy Be has been given several nicknames over the centuries, including “Nosy Manitra” (the scented island).

Nosy Be is an island off the northwest coast of Madagascar. Nosy Be is Madagascar’s largest and busiest tourist resort

Nosy Be Facts

  • Nosy Be means “Big Island”
  • Time: GMT/UTC + 3
  • Phone: Country code 261
  • Language: French and Malagasy – English is not widely spoken
  • Currency: Ariary
  • Population: 73,010 (2013)
  • Size: 320.02 square km

Nosy Be Weather

Nosy Be can be visited all year round and it can be divided into two distinct seasons. The dry season runs during the winter (May to October) and there is tropical rainfall from December to April. The weather does vary according to each region. The coastal areas are warm and enjoy average temperatures from 21°-26°C while the inland plateau is cooler (average temperature 13°-20°C) and generally dryer. The eastern and north western coasts receive more rain during the winter from the south easterly trade winds but the inland areas and western coast endure monsoon rainfall during the summer. The southern region is dry and barren with little rainfall, amounting to semidesert in some places.

Nosy Be Map

Where is Nosy Be?

Nosy Be Map

Nosy Be Holidays

Madagascar Holiday Dhow-Safari

Dhow Safari

From R 20 000

Journey back in time and embrace the Mora Mora Malagasy way of life on the adventurous Dhow Safari.

Madagascar Holiday Yacht-Charters

Yacht Charters

From R 29 995

You will experience the diverse ecologies of Madagascar with the vast majority of its plants and animals existing nowhere else on earth.

honeymoon-safaris Nosy Be holidays


From R 22 000 

The quaint island of Nosy Komba is the perfect getaway for a honeymoon, anniversary or simply a romantic break.