Best of Madagascar 2017

With so much variety on offer from Madagascar Island Safaris, you will not be disappointed as we can tailor-make your trip according to your preferences. These packages are our most popular of the year – all of which can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Madagascar Island Safaris crafts your trip to become a really unique experience as we plan an itinerary for all the adventurous spirits out there.

We have picked our Top Three Packages for 2017

Coming in at #3 is our yacht charter safaris; this is the way to enjoy the Island in luxury and absolute seclusion. Keep in mind that all our packages can be tailor-made according to your island style by adding or removing certain activities or lodges in the itinerary.

Ranked #3 – Yacht Charter Safari

Where: Hell-Ville Harbour to all the outer islands of the Nosy Be archipelago

This package is for the dreamy and the daring, as you can sail off into the sunset with your loved one or just catch up with friends over a braai on the yacht. Embark on a journey sailing through the Indian Ocean and ending off at the Marine Reserve where the best dive and snorkelling spots are found.

Tip: Don’t forget your sea-legs.

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Sailing the L'Ange Blue

Our second spot is dedicated to the newlyweds. Our honeymoon package is truly affordable, unique and offers so many different moments to capture a lifetime of memories.

Ranked #2 – Honeymoon

Where: 293 on Komba, Nosy Komba

We aim to spoil the newlyweds with the romantic luxury they deserve by setting up candlelight dinners on the beach, forest walks, private quarters with a deck to soak up the magical evening sunsets and couple massages – what more could you need on a honeymoon.

Tip: Leave your cell phone at home.

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honeymoon-Madagascar Holiday

And in first place, we have the best option for the adventure seekers – Kayaking around the outer islands

Ranked #1 – Kayaking         

Where: Nosy Komba to Ambanja

This is our most popular package and we aim to bring the adventure packed into a small boat. You will experience most of the island by hopping from one small island to the next which allows you to experience more with every paddle stroke you take. Accommodation is also included in the package and all your meals and water, which allows you to be in a different place every night (well almost every night) but it covers more square kilometres – you get more Island adventures for your Rand. Who would not want more value for money?

Tip: Bring sunscreen

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Sea Kayaking in Madagascar

All our packages are amazing and can accommodate various options depending on your personality.

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