Beach and Lemur package 

Losing it with the Lemurs of Madagascar

Madagascar Island Safaris offer a unique package for the real animal lover. The Lemur is an indigenous nocturnal animal to the Madagascar Islands, who occupy most of the island’s treetops. We can help to organise real encounters with these wild-eyed wonders. There are more than thirty species on various islands so you will definitely spot some interesting fury locals.These animals are unique to the island and display a range of interesting behaviours from singing like a whale (Indri) to bouncing across the sand like a ballet dancer (Sifaka).

Lemur history

Around 160 million years ago, Madagascar was attached to the African mainland as part of the supercontinent called ‘Gondwanaland’ which formed parts of Africa, South America, Australia, Antarctica, India and Madagascar. As Gondwanaland broke apart, Madagascar moved away from Africa. The first lemur-like primates on the fossil record appeared roughly 60 million years ago in mainland Africa and crossed over to Madagascar shortly thereafter.

Madagascar Lemurs

The Sifaka lemur is one of the most endangered primates in the world.

Mouse lemurs are the smallest primates in the world.

Bamboo lemurs are 5 species and 3 subspecies.

The popular Ring-tailed lemur is highly social.

Ruffed lemurs are the largest of the extant lemurs.

The Indri lemur is one of the two largest extant lemurs.


The Animal Lover’s holiday

Here is a suggested itinerary for our Beach and Lemurpackage which is a twelve-day island holiday and can be adjusted to suit your island pace.

On the first day, after arriving in the capital city (short flight from Johannesburg Airport), you will be transferred to the Sakamanga Hotel. After breakfast the next morning, your guide will pick you up and transport you to the Andasibe National Park, which is approximately a 4-hour drive through the beautiful mountain passes and local villages. After settling in at the Vakona Forest Lodge, you will be able to hike through the national park or enjoy your dinner and wait until the nocturnal animals come out to play on our Night walk.

Remember to bring a flashlight and good walking shoes for this trip

On day four, we drive back to the capital city for a City Tour around ‘Tanna’. Then head back to the Sakamanga Hotel to stay over and enjoy a leisurely breakfast the following morning. By the fifth day, it is time to explore the Madagascar beaches of Nosy Be. You will be transferred to the Sakatia Lodge where you can enjoy guided hikes in the forest, incredible snorkelling with turtles, explore local villages and sample wonderful cuisine. You will have two days to enjoy the beaches of Nosy Be with breakfast and dinner included at the Sakatia Lodge.

On day 8 you will be transferred to 293 on Komba Lodge, where you can explore the local villages, markets, snorkelling, white sandy beaches and hike with the Lemurs. The package includes three days accommodation at this lodge with breakfast and dinner included. On the last day, you will be transferred to Nosy Be airport for a direct flight back to Johannesburg.

Interesting facts about Nosy Be:

Nosy Be means “Big Island”

Time:               GMT/UTC + 3

Phone:             Country code (261)

Language:       French and Malagasy – English is not widely spoken

Currency:        Ariary or Euros can also be used

Population:     73,010 (2013)

Size:                 320.02 square kilometres

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