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Exploring Madagascar: Travel to the Lemur’s Park

We just cannot get enough of the Madagascar Lemurs so we investigated the National Lemurs’ Park for you which is near Antananarivo – Madagascar’s capital city. Why not make a short stopover by arranging to visit the park – only 25 kilometres away from the city. At this park, you will be able to see all the living species of Lemurs, plus a few other indigenous animals roaming around. It is an ideal place to see all the different species in the wild with your children or as a group excursion with the local guide to point out all the characteristics of each animal. Be sure to pop into the boutique to buy a souvenir.

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Explore Madagascar Lumur Park

The Lemurs’ Park

The Lemurs’ Park was created with the aim of making it possible for the next generation to discover this animal, reigniting a love for nature as children and adults and to make it possible to reintroduce these mammals in their natural environment. This enormous estate, bordered by the Katsaoka River, is currently hosting the species of lemurs from the different regions of Madagascar – including seven Day-walkers in total freedom and two nocturnal kinds. The lemurs were entrusted to the Park by the Ministry of Water and Forests as many Malagasy living in Antananarivo have never seen lemurs in complete freedom in their natural environment.

Return to Nature

Guided tours and trails to discover

The guided trail goes up the riverbed to the waterfalls and crosses the park, which finally reaches the open-air vivarium, facilitating the Malagasy chameleons, turtles, iguanas and other lizards. You can also expect to see a dozen endemic bird species on the tour. The trail ends at the panoramic terrace of the estate, which you can imagine the views are spectacular. The botanical park has over a hundred Malagasy plant species including a dry forest, but also grows and nurtures the Malagasy rich variety of fauna and flora.

How many Lemur species are there at the park?

There are nine different species of lemurs roaming freely in this botanical park of five hectares, containing over 6,000 trees. The lemur, which is the symbol of the endemic fauna of the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, is one of the most endearing animals on our planet. This is your opportunity to observe these fabulous mammals in the wild as deforestation becomes an issue on this Island.

A quick shopping detour – Lemur’s Park Boutique

The Lemurs’ Park boutique has an interesting range of local products to discover – from raffia crafts, natural silk, luggage, hand-cut stone objects, to numerous articles dedicated all to their lemurs.

Take a tour of the Lemurs’ Park – note that it is spoken in French, but worth looking at the amazing views.

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