Beach and Lemur package Madagascar

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Beach and Lemur package  Losing it with the Lemurs of Madagascar Madagascar Island Safaris offer a unique package for the real animal lover. The Lemur is an indigenous nocturnal animal to the Madagascar Islands, who occupy most of the [...]

Snorkelling in Madagascar – Tanikely Marine Reserve

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SNORKELLING IN MADAGASCAR - TANIKELY MARINE RESERVE Are you an under the sea adventurer? Do you have an inner mermaid/men waiting to swim with the marine wildlife? Snorkelling in Madagascar can be your next calling this year. Spending your [...]

Tsara Komba – Nosy Komba’s Eco-Accommodation

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Tsara Komba - Nosy Komba's Eco-Accommodation When last did you go walking barefoot? Not in a while, right? we grow up and drift away from the memories of the grass between our toes while playing outside, or [...]

Sakatia Lodge & the Island of Nosy Sakatia

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Why choose Sakatia Lodge? Nosy Be. If you've heard of it, then you're picturing paradise. I wish there were another way to explain it, but paradise just nails it. Relax on the beachfront, taking a diving excursion offshore, or sail [...]