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SEA KAYAKING WITH MADAGASCAR ISLAND SAFARIS Madagascar Island Safaris allows you to choose your adventure to suit your holiday style. The sea kayaking packages on offer are custom-built according to your preferences so you have total control of your [...]

Winter-Escape Special: July-August 2017

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WINTER-ESCAPE SPECIAL: July-August 2017 Bundled up with blankets and stuck to the heater this winter? Take advantage of our Madagascar Island travel deals to break away from this cold weather and head off to a warm tropical Island - [...]

Snorkelling in Madagascar – Tanikely Marine Reserve

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SNORKELLING IN MADAGASCAR - TANIKELY MARINE RESERVE Are you an under the sea adventurer? Do you have an inner mermaid/men waiting to swim with the marine wildlife? Snorkelling in Madagascar can be your next calling this year. Spending your [...]

Shopping in Madagascar

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Shopping in Madagascar May is the month for Mother’s and we think all mom’s need the week off…in Madagascar…shopping. This lively and unique shopping holiday will allow you to find amazing treasures and trophies in and around [...]

Pirogue Challenge Madagascar – Sailing Adventure

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PIROGUE CHALLENGE MADAGASCAR - SAILING ADVENTURE Madagascar’s travel season officially opens in May. The season will spoil you with the best weather, wildlife and adventures. During the month of May, just off the East coast of Africa, a [...]

Tsara Komba – Nosy Komba’s Eco-Accommodation

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Tsara Komba - Nosy Komba's Eco-Accommodation When last did you go walking barefoot? Not in a while, right? we grow up and drift away from the memories of the grass between our toes while playing outside, or [...]

L’heure Bleue, Nosy Be

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L'heure Bleue L'heure Bleue is the epitome of luxury accommodations on the Island of Nosy Be. It has won several awards for its eco-construction, As the architects and designers took great care in damaging as little of the [...]

Sakatia Lodge & the Island of Nosy Sakatia

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Why choose Sakatia Lodge? Nosy Be. If you've heard of it, then you're picturing paradise. I wish there were another way to explain it, but paradise just nails it. Relax on the beachfront, taking a diving excursion offshore, or sail [...]

The Lemurs of Madagascar

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Meet the Lemurs of Madagascar Out of all the scaled, furry or feathery friends that call Madagascar their home, there is none as well known and loved as the Lemur. Despite the slightly crazed look of these creatures, [...]

The People of Madagascar

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The People of Madagascar The people of Madagascar are none unlike their environment; Flourishing, colourful and deep rooted in the soul of the island. These are people that held steadfast to their traditions. Obeying their ancestors in life [...]